Researchers estimate 41 percent of all first time marriages end in divorce. 60 percent in 2nd marriages. 73 percent in 3rd marriages. You would think experience would create a decrease???? Learn the keys to make sure you don't become a part of these statistics

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We live in a society that has 'Unlimited Access' to information, yet more people are depressed, suicidal, frustrated and angry about their life. Caught up in what is becoming the:


So what is the solution? Where does a person turn for answers?

The More Research That Was Completed...

The information began to point to a disturbing conclusion. Most of the misunderstanding, miscommunication and unrest in peoples relationships and lives was being created by people with the titles: GURU and EXPERT!!!


It is the driving force and what has created the desire to help make a change! To Get People to love the person they see in the mirror. And knowing that self-love will make it easy to love others and LIVE LIFE WITH PASSION.

I'm Ready to Make All of My Relationships Work and Simplify My Life With "The Relationship Success Series" 

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               Dealing With The                         LOSS OF MY WIFE             Adds More Fuel To The Mission

What lessons can be shared that would allow people to enjoy their daily journey? To bring peace and relieve stress???

After 32 years with the same Lady (Terri), I became a single, widowed guy, starting down a new path that I never wanted or imagined. I was left with new questions and thoughts as I was now evaluating my marriage, my life, my future.

I needed answers so I wouldn't have to carry any guilt or baggage into my future relationships.

The questions I struggled with was, "Did I show Terri how much I cared or did I take her for granted?" "Could I have caressed and held her hands more, contributed more financially?" I wanted to be at peace in my life and have no regrets.

I Knew This Evaluating Period, Would Allow Me To Make Corrections In Areas Where I May Have Fallen SHORT!!!

The Problem I Was Facing... I Couldn't Do Anything To Adjust What Occurred In THE PAST

I was left with 2 options:

1) Play the victim role and live in the "feel sorry for myself world," or

2) Evaluate what I could do to make sure the future is better for the next Lady in my life.

Then, as if by chance, something amazing happened...

That night, Terri came to me in a dream. She made it clear to me what I needed to do to create an even more intimate relationship in my future. What she shared and the drive to have peace in my life, is what my book and this package are all about.

Dealing with the internal conversations that Play In Our Head

As a result, I began to organize my thoughts and planning out the process for writing my book and creating programs that would help others dealing with the loss of a loved one or the loss of themselves.

This decision allowed me to start to feel better about myself and my future path

Suddenly, I was positioning myself to add value to others. "The Relationship Success Package" is a part of that HEALING PROCESS!!!



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Included in The Relationship Success Handbook Package:

                                         The video series:                                                                    "The Relationship Success Handbook."

                                    The BONUSES include:

"The Relationship Success Handbook" - Paperback Physical Book

                              The "Six Human Needs" eBook

                Video Series                   "The Relationship Success Handbook"

In this video series, the author shares more insight, examples and give more clarity on each chapter in the book.

Treating each chapter as if you and he were sitting together and having an intimate one-on-one conversation. A conversation with no holding back and speaking from the heart.

In this series, there are answers to questions that have been raised since the book was created.

You will get the opportunity to know the author better and build a stronger connection to the topics.

In these videos, each topic will come to life. You will fully grasp the messages that were created by the book.

This project allowed the author to "Dig Deeper" into his life journey and share the valuable lessons that relate to the topics in the book.

Bonus #1 The Relationship Success Handbook (Paperback)

Are you or do you know people that are stressed, frustrated and feeling insignificant because of the way they see themselves? Trying to find answers through their relationships with others?

This book will help you to fall in love with the person you see in the mirror every day. The shift in how you feel about "YOU" will allow all your relationships to work and flourish.

You will finally get rid of the need to have the approval of others

You will see the strength you gain by having self-love and the feeling of peace that will come into your life

After reading this book, you will be equipped with the knowledge to:

*Process situations differently to reduce stress and anger in your life

*Make all of your relationships work (even the ones you release)

*Be at peace with yourself and fall in love with who you are

In these pages, you will also uncover:

*Why You are the best gift you can offer the world

*Understand why you do the things you do

*The Six Human Needs and The Four Personalities we all share 

*Understand how to be at peace with or without a partner

*Gain a different perspective on losing someone close to you

*Be able to celebrate the differences in people

*Realize that doing right is a simpler life than being right

*Attract the right people into your life

*Change those limiting beliefs and move towards your goals

*Live your dreams instead of allowing others to make that decision

*Learn a better way to reduce stress, frustration and anger

*Learn to use your partner's differences to grow in your relationship

Bonus #2

The Six Human Needs

Have you ever said or heard someone say, "I gave him or her everything?" The truth is, you gave them everything that YOU are looking for in a relationship.

People have many different "WANTS", "DESIRES" and more importantly, "NEEDS!!!"

The great news is there are only six human needs. Learning these needs will also give you greater clarity and insight into understanding why you do the things that you do.

There is no "GIFT" that will bring more peace into your life than the knowing of "YOURSELF."

The six human needs are crucial to creating perfect harmony in all your relationships. You will be equipped to guide yourself and others to achieving what they really want from life.

The Insights Shared Through The Videos And Books Will Cause You To Realize That Having Peace In Your Life And Truly Loving Yourself Is Crucial And It Does Not Have To Be Complicate. Life Is Not Supposed To Be "HARD."

Get started now and take advantage of The Relationship and Life Changing wisdom being presented.

I'm Ready to Make All of My Relationships Work and Simplify My Life With

 "The Relationship Success Package" 

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                  The Author:          

           Ron Simplified Myers

You are receiving the wisdom of over 35 years of researching and learning in the field of self development. The personal experience of a 32-year relationship where we experienced the challenges of making a relationship work.

*Couldn't have kids (tried many alternatives)


*Buying and the losing of homes

*Living with in-laws

*Wife fighting cancer for 17 years

*Racism from Family members and threat of disowning

*Ultimately losing wife to cancer

This package is from someone that walked the journey and not speaking in theory. Insights that can only be shared by someone that has been through it.

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Bonus #1 The Relationship Success Handbook

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Bonus #2 - "The Six Human Needs (eBook) ($7 Value)

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I'm Ready to Make All of My Relationships Work and Simplify My Life With "The Relationship Success Series"

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