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Ron Simplified Myers is an Author, Podcaster, Speaker, Creator of Clothes To Inspire (Online Clothing Store), Simplified U (Self Awareness and Educational Online Site), and Uplifting Life Partner (meaning we are all partners in life and here to uplift each other).

He has always been a self-driven individual that displays a high degree of integrity and professionalism. Ron cares for others and will do anything he can to encourage people to move forward. He is changing lives by helping people to recognize that they are ENOUGH and they are VALUABLE.

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We Uplift People To Become Aware They Are Enough

And Creating Meaningful Relationships Are Expected

The Relationship Success Video Series

Ron created a video series because research has shown that most people will not crack open a book that they purchased. Yet, people will watch videos. Ron believes the information is so crucial to the growth of people and their relationships, that he was willing to take that next step.

Ready For Success

Love - Where Are You

Tired of attracting and wasting time with the wrong people? Are you believing there are no good men left? Time to gain the wisdom to recognize what love is and where to find it.

Ready To Find Love

Committed Relationship Video Series

Committed Relationship Series was created to help those that are looking for a relationship they can commit to, or for those that want to know how to strengthen the relationships they currently have.

Commitment Time

What Are They Saying About Ron's Book

"The Relationship Success Handbook

Get Rid of Your Problems Not Your Partner"

“Real life, real love…simplified. This book is simply a must-have. Ron’s relationship advice is spot-on and practical for everyone.”

LeGrande Green

4-Time Emmy Winner and former Supervising Senior Producer, "The Oprah WInfrey Show"

I am very happy to support my friend Ron Simplified Myers and his new book around relationships. He hit the nail straight on the head that we should work on getting rid of problems, not people. I believe forgiveness is truly one of the necessary components to achieve success.

Wendy Gladney Dean

Author/Motivational Speaker/Columnist

“This book breaks the mold for any run of the mill “how to find love” books. Ron beautifully blends his own personal love story about the love of his life, with an honest message of self-love for all readers. Poignant storytelling combined with a powerful honest message revealing the true nature of love!”

Christine Whitmarsh

Bestselling Author, Celebrity Ghostwriter, CEO of The Ink Agency

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From Ron's Blog

 Read recent blog posts, that are helping to inspire people to Love Themselves and Create Stronger Relationships!!!

       4 Elements To Intimacy

[00:00:00] The four elements to intimacy, that's the topic we're going to have today here, our relationship Thursday.

[00:00:09] How are you doing? This is Ron Simplified Myers, Author of the book - The Relationship Success Handbook. Get rid of your problems, not your partner. Now, first, let me apologize for this particular podcast.

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Most Valuable Person MVP

[00:00:01] Most valuable player, that’s the conversation we’re going to have here today.

[00:00:07] I believe you must become the most valuable player in your life, and before you jump off the bandwagon and go crazy, hear me out. The reason I say that is I don’t care how much your friends care about you, your mom, your dad, your spouse, your kids. 

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I Can't Win For Losing

[00:00:00] I Can't Win For Losing. That's the conversation we're going to have today on relationship Thursday. How are you doing? This is Ron Simplified Myers, author of the book The Relationship Success Handbook Get Rid of Your Problems, Not Your Partner.

[00:00:17] Now, I wanted to talk about this particular topic because too many people live 

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Thank you for taking the time to visit. My vision and the rest of my life will be spent assisting YOU (if you will allow me) and others to learn to love and value the person they see in the mirror every day. Together we will walk and follow the path that leads to joy and an incredible human experience. Looking forward to the journey. 

        Ron Simplified Myers

2020 Ron Simplified Myers